He doesn't remember who he is. He doesn't recognize his face. He doesn't even know his name. All he has is a tattoo of the Roman Numeral "XIII"...and the skills of a highly trained secret agent.

XIII was trained by the government to be a covert CIA operative acquiring sophisticated combat and infiltration skills. He was sent on secret missions so dark that no one in Washington knew their actual purpose. When the mission went bad XIII was betrayed by the Government. As part of an elaborate cover-up they changed his face, erased his memory and locked him away deep inside an Eastern European prison.

But XIII escaped, and now he's searching for answers...uncovering his shadowy past and the international conspiracy that threatens his present. Powerful figures threaten and manipulate him as he gets closer to the mysterious center of a deadly puzzle...where the key to all the intrigue is XIII.

Played by: Stuart Townsend
Stuart Townsend, a native of Ireland, made his mark in Hollywood playing lead roles opposite Ryan Reynolds in Chaos Theory, Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz in Head in the Clouds, and by landing the lead role in Queen of the Damned. Additional films under his belt include Shooting Fish, Resurrection Man, Under the Skin, Wonderland, Trojan Eddie, The Escort and About Adam. On the small screen, Townsend starred in the title role of ABC's The Night Stalker, guest starred in Will & Grace, and has appeared on the London stage opposite Helen Mirren in Tennessee William's' "Orpheus Descending"